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What should I wear to an interview in 2021 (recommended)

May 6, 2021

Do you have an upcoming job interview? Then it’s time to update your wardrobe. Here are some tips on how to prepare and how to dress. It would be best if you radiated confidence when you sell yourself. Because that’s what you should do, you should make the one who wants to hire and give you the contract.

Sometimes the first few seconds can determine whether or not you get the job. Sometimes your charisma weighs more on your knowledge experience.

Before we get into clothes, make sure you are whole and clean before the interview. If you have itchy skin, buy a skin cream a few days before the interview and make sure to use it morning and evening. There will be a difference. If you have not cut your hair, do it! Also, take the opportunity to fix the eyebrows and remove hair from the nose and ears.

If you are a man with a beard, be sure to trim it or shave it off. If you are a woman, be sure to remove the mustache if you have one 😉

Finally, use a perfume that is not too strong. Smelling like a perfume factory will take focus away from you. You should barely feel the scent.

Dress for success, but do not overdo it.

What do we mean by not exaggerating? Do not wear jewelry so that you can barely move, do not show up in a tailcoat, or do not wear clothes that make you stiff.

Clothes for men.

We advocate a classic style, shirt, jacket, chinos and a pair of better shoes. Avoid protruding jewelry. A watch and possibly a wedding ring will suffice.

Clothes for women.

We advocate a classic for women and a skirt, shirt, jacket, heels, and a few pieces of jewelry.

Do not forget about preparation.

Before going to a job interview, it is essential to read about what the company does and its competitors. It is important to also practice on your pitch. Why should they hire you?

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