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5 Reasons Air Fryers Is a Good Choice

May 6, 2021
Air Fryers

Philips Air Fryers has long been a top brand when it comes to kitchen appliances. Ever since their debut in the early 1990’s, the Air Fryers has carved a niche for themselves and consistently sold millions of units. However, like most things in life, these tasty little ovens have also seen their share of shortcomings. A Philips Air Fryer review will provide facts about these shortcomings and hopefully help consumers make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase.

Number one: They Don’t Cook Chips! Although the Philips Air Fryer claims to do a good job of frying chips, they simply don’t. It’s sad to say, but air fryers have a chip eating gene. They can’t handle the deep fried stuff without breaking down. The quality of their chips is sub par, and the design is not flexible enough to allow you to change the way you want your food cooked. If you really want to enjoy the crispiness of deep fried chicken or fries, you’re going to have to buy some lower quality Dutch ovens.

Number two: It Doesn t Have Digital Controls! If you’re used to having a large wooden basket with the basket itself being controlled by a lever, Air Fryers may seem similar. However, to actually prepare your fried food you need to use a specific basket with a control knob for temperature and a button for cooking your food. It may seem complicated, but overall this is not overly complex of a system to understand.

Number three: It’s Hard to Test! Since there are so many different brands and models of air fryers, it can be hard to find out what you really need to know before making a buying decision. If you go into a review and look at pictures of the different products, you may be able to see a demo or two. This will give you an idea of how it feels, how easy it is to cook certain foods, and which features are most important to you. However, a full review is probably beyond the scope of this article.

Number four: Convection cooking is faster than non-convection cookers. Non-convection Air Fryers uses a fan that circulates air around a heated metal plate in order to cook the food. A convection Air Fryer uses the principle of the convection fan. Convection Air Fryers is much faster than non-convection ones and can sometimes reach up to speeds of about 3500 rpm.

Number five: Convection Air Fryers is more affordable. Non-convection air fryers are usually more expensive because they use a metal cooking basket instead of a heating element. The heating element is what takes the longer time to heat up the food. Although this is a small cost when you compare it to the speed of the convection air fryer, it is still worth keeping in mind.

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