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Tree Climbing Gloves – Mistakes to Avoid

June 14, 2021

Tree Climbing Gloves – Mistakes to Avoid

It is not unusual to see a young girl with an ice climbing helmet, ice climbing gloves and a thermal inner layer on her gloves, but such is the case for many young women. There is no need for such protective gear if one is not climbing in the dangerous and challenging environment of the mountaineering. It is advisable for parents to make their children understand the necessity of protective clothing in the form of gloves and other equipment that could be used for the activity. Climbing should be practiced with the utmost care, but the equipment should not be underestimated either. The following are some of the most common mistakes that occur with the use of this equipment and how to avoid it.

tree climbing gloves

The first mistake that most people make is the failure to buy a quality pair of tree climbing gloves. They assume that the cheaper ones are just as effective, but nothing could be farther from the truth. There is a significant difference between a moderately priced pair of gloves that have a thin soft layer and those that have a tough coat built in. A scratch resistant coating is also very important. If there is not one, it should at least be as thick as the entire range of available options, which is from one to five layers of tough coating.

The second mistake is the failure to pay attention to the type of climber they are trying to climb with. While all gloves have different uses, not every climber needs the same kind. Each type of climber requires gloves with a different type of cutting mechanism. This is especially true with children who frequently play rough games such as rough wrestling with their friends. Childrens’ glove needs to have a strong cut resistant level 5 protection, which can handle repeated punching from a smaller child.

The third mistake that can be easily made is the assumption that a pair of tree climbing gloves with a short flexible range of motion will be the best. In many cases, this is true, but the protection that is provided, or lack thereof, may be greatly less than desired. It is best to invest in a pair of gloves that offer a long range of motion, but are also protected by a good layer of protection. Again, a good protective layer of protection should be one that is thicker than the flexible layers of most chainsaw gloves.

The fourth mistake to avoid making is failing to consider the importance of the padding that is included in the design of the chainsaw gloves. While many chainsaws today have relatively small holes, it is important to choose chainaw gloves that incorporate the use of specially designed padding. The purpose of these specially designed padding is to protect the climber’s hands when they become stuck while climbing. This is especially critical if the climber is using a chainsaw with large swinging parts that can catch the skin and tear the fabric of the gloves. Additionally, some chainsaw gloves will include an extra piece of padding that extends from the knuckle guard to the wrist.

Finally, it is best to choose a pair of tree climbing gloves that will meet your personal needs and requirements for safety and comfort. While all chainaws can be used safely, not all are made to do so. By taking the time to find the best chainsaw gloves for your needs, you will help ensure your personal safety and enjoyment of the sport.

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