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How Professional Golfers Are Getting Their Shorts Ready For Another Round

June 14, 2021

How Professional Golfers Are Getting Their Shorts Ready For Another Round

haggar golf shorts

Haggar golf shorts are a new release by the highly popular California-based manufacturer of men’s golf apparel, Prorsionwear. The new range features new fabrics and styles that are more indicative of what is expected from golfing shorts, but don’t sacrifice the quality you’ve come to expect from Prorsionwear. The new “Light Stripe” fabric is designed to be lightweight and moisture wicking, preventing chafing and providing an overall smoother feel for longer players. Both the Light Stripe and the “Thin Stripe” fabrics have been used in high-end golf attire by the likes of Mike Weir (Eagle Creek) for years.

From the fabric to the fit, everything about the new “Light Stripe” shorts is designed for comfort. From the lightweight top to the mid-waist fit, every inch of the new shorts is designed with your comfort in mind. The “Thin Stripe” shorts have a similar construction to the “Light Stripe” but feature a mid-waist band that runs a little wider. Like the “Light Stripe”, these shorts also run mid-line, but they include a second waist band, giving the illusion of a trim waistline. This illusion, coupled with the fact that the shorts are lighter and more comfortable than the “Stripe”, makes them ideal for golfers who aren’t looking to wear the weight and bulk associated with traditional golf shorts.

From the inside of both shorts, you can expect quality construction. The “Thin Stripe” shorts boast a strong steel reinforced weave construction to ensure that the shorts stay put between you and your golfing partner as you move around on the course. The “Light Stripe” has a similar weave, but it is reinforced with rubber for added strength. Both shorts feature Nylon mesh for breathability and double stitching in the knees to ensure that the shorts won’t slip around and get lost.

If you’re looking for a new golf shirt that will not only help you look good on the golf course, but will also allow you to move around as well, you might be interested in trying the “Haggar Golf Shorts”. These shorts are designed to be loose fitting, so that they don’t restrict your movements while you are trying to play the game. They also provide extra room in the front and back of the shorts so that you can get a better view of your golf ball while you are walking around on the golf course. This is an ideal golf shirt for either a professional or a weekend amateur.

Although the “Haggar Golf Shorts” is specifically designed for golfing, there are other reasons that you might want to consider wearing them outside of the course. You will definitely want to look your best when you are out on the course, and a pair of quality golfing shorts can help you accomplish just that. If you happen to like the way your shorts fit, you might consider buying a pair for your own personal use. You can always trade them in after a few holes or just wear them for a few days so that you have a pair of them that fits just right. You will find that they can add a great deal of style to your wardrobe when you are looking for a new set of shorts.

If you have never considered the benefits that short shorts can offer you when golfing, you should definitely do so. Whether you are shopping for a gift for someone else or you are just want to try something different when you are out playing, you will quickly see how useful they can be. If you are considering purchasing a pair of these shorts for your next trip to the golf course, you will certainly find that they provide all of the comfort and protection that you need. You might even find that you love it so much that you end up buying a bunch of them!

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