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Uniball Pens Guide

June 14, 2021

Uniball Pens Guide

uniball pens

Promotional Uniball Pens is an excellent choice for a variety of promotional purposes. With a low-cost high-performance product, your company is sure to stand out with the best possible results. Available in black ink or blue ink, they are highly durable and do not contain any harmful colouring agents, making them ideal for use on promotional materials such as lanyards, key chains, buttons, badges, etc. For added effect, we suggest that you print the company name or logo on the pen’s cap, which can be easily done using any pen colouring software, such as Microsoft Word or Paint.

These pens are manufactured by the Uniball Pen Company Limited, who also produces promotional items such as customised pens and printed mugs. The company’s manufacturing process uses thermal printing technology, which guarantees a high quality product that will last for years. In addition, they feature a one-click clean feature, which allows users to simply dry the ink off the tip before replacing it onto a new pen. High quality Uniball pens are available in ballpoint and gel pens, allowing you to choose from several different ink colours.

Because these pens are designed with a long-lasting ink system in mind, they work well as promotional products. Because there is no need to replace the ink as often, you can be sure that your promotional item will continue to be used extensively, thus maximizing the amount of exposure your brand receives. Although most promotional items will lose their colour after being exposed to the sun, Uniball pens ink will not. Whether you choose a black or blue design, you will have excellent results as these pens will look good and last for a very long time.

As with all of Uniball’s products, the nib is the part of the pen that provides the ink. Although this might not seem important, it is a fact that the quality of the nib can affect the quality of the finished writing experience. A smooth nib will glide more readily, providing you with smooth lines and precise accents. If you prefer a stiffer, smoother nib, you can also select from a range of flexible nibs, which are suitable for written texts, images and logo-style text.

The ink reservoir on each uniball pen is fully adjustable so that you can determine how much ink you would like to use at any given time. Each reservoir is securely held in place by two clamps, which are also fully detachable. Once filled, each reservoir can be easily removed, ensuring that you always have an empty space on your desk or bag for your next writing project. You can easily change out the colour of the ink as well, which means that each pen is an individual monochrome – perfect for using in the workplace or as a gift. In addition, if you purchase a black uniball pen, you can use a coloured ink in it to add a stylish touch.

As with all mechanical pencils, there is no need for maintenance – uniball pens are completely disassembled after each use and refilled with fresh ink. Unlike many other brands of pens, the cartridges of uni-ball are made of plastic and do not require any maintenance. When it comes to purchasing a uniball pen, there are several models available. Depending upon how much you would like to spend and what features you require, there are several different styles of mechanical pencils available – choose the one that suits your needs.

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