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Types of Microphone Stands

May 6, 2021


Microphone stands are basically a free-standing rack for a microphone. It enables the microphone to be situated at any place in the studio, on the stage, or even on location without having a person to physically hold it during the recording. There are two types of microphone stands the swivel and gravity. The gravity type allows a user to tilt the mic upwards. This is beneficial as you can tilt the mic away from the sound source to avoid picking up unwanted feedback.

Microphone Stands that use the swivel system are more popular because it allows a user to easily move the microphone around without having to place much weight on it. However, if the mic is being carried during a session, then this might not be the best option. Microphone Stands that use the gravity system are heavier and are often permanently fixed to the floor. These systems also need to have the user fix them to the floor or some other method. This means that the user can easily move the microphone around without a lot of effort.

The Microphone Stand that I am going to talk about has a straight mic mount as well as a mini tripod base. I would say this is probably one of the best microphones stands on the market. It has an adjustable height which is very helpful when you need to do different recording heights. It comes with a metal carrying case that keeps the whole unit stable on any surface. I think all the major brands have this type of stand now but it’s easy to find them.

The Microphone Stand that I am going to discuss has two main features, and those are the swivel and tripod base. As already mentioned, there are swivel stands that allow the microphone to rotate vertically. These can come in handy if you like to conduct interviews while your audience sits in front of you. This is useful for performing live at live events. Tripod bases allow the user to move the microphone from side to side.

Microphone Stands generally come with different types of accessories such as drum sticks, condenser microphones, and USB interfaces. Each Microphone Stand has its own unique set of features that make them unique. If you don’t already know, Microphone Stands are also called stands, and these are used in many circumstances apart from recording. They could be used as a presentation stand, for meetings, or even as a gift stand. There are a variety of Microphone Clips that attaches to Microphone Stands and these will allow the user to display their favorite bands, musicians, or movies on the wall.

Other Microphone Stands that might be worth considering are those that have boom arms and telescoping pole arms, which allow the user to mount them to different heights. You can use Microphone Stands with their boom arms to prop up surfaces, for example, tables or desks. Or, you can use them to place them on a short shelf or desk. As you can see, there is a Microphone Stand for almost every situation. They are an affordable way to add some flair to your office, your home, or your recording studio.

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