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Thermal Phone Pouch – Keeps Your Phone Cool and Comfortable

June 12, 2021

Thermal Phone Pouch – Keeps Your Phone Cool and Comfortable

If you own a smart phone, then you know just how fragile your device is when it is not stored properly. After all, you leave your phone on your pocket or hand for long periods of time every day. It is very easy to break your smartphone if you are not careful, and many users make the mistake of simply burying their phones in the sand or wrapping them up in a towel to keep them safe. This is fine if you are using your device in the desert or under the snow, but what about when you are in a moderately temperate climate like spring or fall? When you are out and about in these conditions, you absolutely need to take special precautions with your mobile devices.

thermal phone pouch

If you own a mobile device like the iPhone or another popular device like the HTC Evo Shift, then you already know how much it can be subjected to extreme temperature changes. Even if you bring it inside a vehicle, you can very easily warm it up and get it very cold. Because of this, it is essential that you have an insulated thermal phone pouch to store your device in cold weather. While many people have a mobile phone case with a built-in screen protector and a phone sleeve, this unique thermal phone case provides something extra geared specifically toward those extremes of cold and heat. The Phoozy Apollo Series thermal phone pouch isn’t an insulated bag per se, but rather a mobile carrying sleeve that allows you to carry your Phoozy in style and with the protection needed.

The Phoozy has a front zip pocket, which opens wide so you can slip your device into the pouch easily. It also has three large zippered pockets that are perfect for holding your mobile phone, your keys, your cash, and other small items that you need to keep secure while out on the go. The front pouch has an elastic band along the bottom that allows you to pull the zipper closed and store your Phoozy compact in place so it’s protected from moisture while you are traveling.

The front of the Phoozy is open and reveals two large cell phone pockets with both clear windows facing your touchpad. The large pockets also allow you to slip your cell into place with ease. There are no buttons or clasps here and it certainly won’t interfere with your ability to use your device comfortably. Instead, the Phoozy provides an easy to use interface with a touchpad and a dial with a push button. When you are finished, the heat transfer case transfers the heat to your hands for a comfortable and snug fit.

The interior of the Phoozy is composed of two different layers, a polyester/cotton blend for extra durability and a dual layer of laminated nylon for maximum breathability. While the nylon layer does provide exceptional ventilation, it does not allow the perspiration from your sweaty hands to escape causing you to feel hot. This makes the Phoozy ideal for individuals that are frequently on the go. Even during a long phone call the pockets remain cool to the touch, providing an uninterrupted sensation in both hands.

Finally, the thermal phone bag has a well thought out and high quality interior design. The phone pocket itself is designed to be highly functional with easy access and multiple functions. You can easily change out your phone and insert a new battery as well as insert any other accessories through the easy zipper access. The outer zipper pocket also includes a zippered pocket for your coins and other valuables that you would prefer to keep secure. The outer layer of the thermal phone pouch includes a polyester/cotton blend that will keep your device free from abrasion, scratches, and spillages and a dual layer of laminated nylon for ultimate breathability.

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