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May 6, 2021


Mobile Phone Keypads

An increasing number of users today are choosing smartphone technologies such as mobile phone keypads as a more efficient way of sending text messages. However, many smartphone users still find that using keypads can cause them discomfort and pain when they try to send the wrong messages or do not enter the right code into the keypad. As a result, many users wonder if the use of a badger can help make their keypads easier to use. This article discusses the facts about keypads and mobile phone keypads in general.

Smart phone users who use predictive text entry systems will find the predictive text entry system extremely useful for sending text messages. In a test study, the effects of larger thumb measurements and shorter fingers on mobile phone messaging satisfaction were studied against traditional keypad layout factors. The apparent decrease in users’ satisfaction towards key size and legibility of keys led researchers to conclude that the larger thumb measurements reduced “tap failure”, a common text message-related error that occurs when keys are too big to comfortably fit into a user’s hand. In a follow-up study, participants were asked to send a message and then take a fingerprint test to determine fingerprint strength. Results showed significant increases in fingerprint strength from those with larger thumbs to those with smaller thumb measurements.

The keypad design was also found to be a strong influence on text messaging user satisfaction and messaging response. With a smaller keypad, some users experienced difficulty in typing out long messages or accessing the most commonly used functions on their phones. In a follow-up study, when the keypad was relocated, it was found that more messages could be sent accurately and there was an increased response rate from users testing the product. Users also reported that keypad placement made messaging more pleasant, which may benefit messaging applications.

Another part of the study focused on Nagamachi, a Japanese manufacturer of cell phones. As part of a marketing campaign, they were conducting, they had decided to include key functionality in the product. One function, they decided to add was the sending of instant messages. In a follow-up study, conducted online with a representative from Nagamachi, it was found that Nagamachi’s keypad layout, which included five horizontal lines for text input, influenced negatively the user satisfaction of the device when compared to another popular brand.

In Singapore, we have been studying the use of SMS for several years now. A few months ago, we released our SMS Relay Client (SRC), which has been downloaded by hundreds of mobile users and is the fastest and most effective SMS solution available to businesses today. Our latest release fixes several bugs in the current SMS application, as well as fixes the bulk sending of SMS to mobiles that caused the slow speed of sending and sometimes the failure of sending altogether. This is a huge win for messaging and bulk SMS centers across the world.

The study conducted by Mackenzies & Co, Singapore, highlights the importance of SMS text entry in terms of business. SMS has become an integral part of business life. Without SMS text entry, businesses would not be able to conduct their business using computers, fax machines, or any other computer-related devices. Now thanks to our software engineers, we can ensure that our computer-human interaction is smooth and error-free through our SMS software development portfolio.

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