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Royal duvet cover set

May 6, 2021

Did you know that sleep is essential for your body and your brain to recover and process impressions? When you sleep at night, you can more easily cope with stress and strain during the day.

Maybe that’s why royal families have always, through the ages, made sure to sleep well. If you flip through the history books, you will find that luxury beds already existed in the 12th century among wealthy people. And already in the 16th century, rich people around Europe had started using a duvet cover set. So it is perhaps not surprising that today there is such a large selection of duvet cover sets. The big difference between today and back then is that now can you and your family also sleep like a royal family without having to spend a fortune, barter with Vikings, or sail across the Atlantic ocean. Today you can get it online with a few clicks and have it home delivered.

Get a royal duvet set of the 21st century.

Suppose you want a top-notch duvet cover set and sleep luxuriously by today’s standards. There are only a few brands that hold that standard.


Hastens is a Swedish company, founded in 1852 in Sweden, Köping. Today manufactures exclusive beds and pillows for wealthy people. They are sold only at selected retailers such as Harrods in London.


Frette is an Italian company that is known for luxury textile. The company was established in 1860 in France and then relocated in 1865 to Italy.

Frette has nine retailers in the USA, twenty-five in Asia, and several other retailers worldwide.

Peter Reed

Peter Reed, established in 1861, produces exclusive English bedlinen and personalized items, including duvet covers, sheets, and linens.


Haremlique Istanbul was founded by Caroline N. Koç in 2007, who comes from a family that works in the textile industry with a century-long history. The designer is N. Banu Yentür, and the brand is a combination of extensive experience and creativity. Today Haremlique Istanbul is sold by exclusive retailers like Harrods of London.


Etro is a family-run Italian fashion house founded in 1968. It is best known for its paisley designs that the company started producing in 1981.


​The story of Sferra isn’t only a past filled with excellent material making and the American Dream.

The organization was established in 1891 Italy when Gennaro Sferra initially set foot on the cross-Atlantic liner, which would convey him to America. It was a family background of craftsmanship that empowered him to sell the dazzling, carefully assembled ribbon that would turn into his future.

Catching the design of the day, he sold Italian trim, collars, and sleeves to society’s tastemakers as they traveled at oceanside retreats all over the East Coast.

Throughout the following many years, Sferra flourished because of Gennaro’s visionary reasoning. He had the prescience, in the mid-1930s, to advance his concentration to table cloths, and imparted in the two of his children, Enrico and Albert, an authority of material craftsmanship, specialized expertise, and a longing for inventive investigation.

The material inclination shared by Gennaro’s children reclassified principles for the whole cloth industry, making the Sferra name inseparable from extravagance.

Today Sferra has one of the most exclusive duvet cover set on the market. A favorite brand among kings and queens.

Get a royal duvet set of the 21st century (Budget)

You want quality but does not afford a +10k bed set. We can recommend these brands. You will very likely not notice any notable difference in quality.

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