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Review of The Temmy’s Kitchen in Cape Town

June 12, 2021

Review of The Temmy’s Kitchen in Cape Town

temmys kitchen

A popular African-owned business in Southeaster, Temmy’s Kitchen is opening a new outlet at the top of the Aberystwyth High Street. The restaurant promises “world class” cooking and hospitality. This will be the fourth location for the popular chef and proprietor, John Temmings. Reviews So Far: Since opening this new outlet there have been very few reviews published. However, from what I can tell from talking to people that live in the area, they are quite pleased with the new restaurant and the service. From what I can see on the internet there are mixed feelings about it, with some people saying it is good while others were not happy.

There are not too many reviews yet, but customers seem to like it so far. It is a good idea to leave a review as people like to say what they think. If you wish to share your views about African Store And Temmy’s Kitchen, then leave a comment on this page and your comment will appear in the above area. If you wish to add your own thoughts to the comment, simply enter your details and a box will appear with instructions for you. The more you type, the more views you will receive!

The African store and restaurant are run from scratch so there are no franchise rules to break. As the owner John has chosen the menu items that will be available. So far the dishes offered are chicken stew, fried fish, salads, pizza, baked beans and a variety of other dishes. He also offers customers the option of ordering delivery to their homes, which can help them save money and time. Of course it is expected that all customers have a taste of the cuisine that will be provided at the restaurant.

One of the first things customers will notice when they step into the restaurant is the atmosphere. The decor is quiet tropical with large windows to help create a stunning tropical themed space. There is an open plan kitchen area providing plenty of room for customers to move around. It is located directly on the beachfront, so it allows for great views of the ocean and offers a fantastic dining experience.

Customers are able to sit down at the table and choose from a variety of entrees. There is a bar area right next to the front door where there is a wide selection of cocktails and wines. The restaurant is fully equipped to cater for all types of parties including weddings and corporate functions. The staff are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The owner really put his heart into establishing this unique outlet.

If you are considering a new outlet then you should look at The Temmy’s Kitchen outlet. This restaurant will offer you the kind of experience that you will find only in Africa. If you love cooking and serving food, then this could be a fun new career path for you.

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