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Reinvent Yourself in 2021

May 6, 2021

Why don’t you make 2021 a rememberable year? Give yourself the gift you deserve. Take some action and start planning your year. Where do you like to be at the end of this year as a person? And what do you want to achieve?


Before you start planing, make sure you first define who you will become, why, and how


Define who you will become?

  • I want to become a super dad for my two kids. I want to make their childhood filled with fun memories. I want to educate them to love life and teach them to enjoy simple things, be grateful, kind, and curious about life.
  • I want to become a writer.
  • I want to advance at work.

Why do you want to reinvent yourself?

  • Why do I want to a super dad for my kids? Because my kids will always be my little angels, and what better gift can I give them than establish a great mindset.
  • Why do I want to become a writer? My life has been like a long rollercoaster ride with ups and downs, many failures, and some success. It’s my duty to the world and essential for my legacy. I hadn’t come so far in life without other people’s stories. If my words will give inspiration or only be empty words, I don’t care -I am preferably a poor writer than no writer at all.
  • Why do I want to advance at work? It’s not because I want more money or more responsibility. But I want to be more involved in improving the corporate culture, connecting people, become a part of something bigger, and break down silos. I want to strengthen my position in the company.

How will you accomplish your vision?

  • How will I become a super dad for my kids? The first thing I have to stop with is being a time optimist. Children count minutes and seconds, which means I can never be late. I have to start plan activities together every week with them. I will try to make sure that they are included in everyday life in all possible ways. Read books for them, play music together, we should begin to explore video games and the internet together. I will become their personal cheerleader. We should celebrate success and spontaneity often.
  • How I will become a writer. Every Thursday, I run in the woods. Something I have done for many years to stay fit and gather energy. This is also where I came up with the idea of writing. I get a lot of ideas for what I could write about when I run. But then I forget about it. I’ll start writing down these ideas (maybe Siri on my iPhone can be helpful) and use them as material. I will book fixed writing times every week on my calendar.
  • How I should advance at work. This will probably not happen so quickly. But I have to start easy. I have to take the time to listen to what people are doing, start using the breaks to mingle with people. Take the time to learn what people’s names are and what they do, study the organization’s schedule, make sure to be seen when it’s essential. Will certainly need to work out a plan over time.

When you now have defined your goals like above. We can continue to the next phase. As you can see, you don’t need to be precise with your vision, and you can write it in any grammatical form. The important thing is that you understand what you are going to achieve.

Break down the goals into tasks.

To achieve changes and to really reinvent yourself, you need consistency.

You can almost see this as a transportation time between you old me and your new me. During this transportation time, you will have several breaks. At every stop, you will do something that eventually will create new behavior. These new behaviors will, in the end, reinvent yourself.

So buy a calendar if you don’t have one. Start breaking down your goals into tasks and add them to your calendar. I suggest you do this over a more extended period, like a week or two, and then start your journey immediately.

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