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Lifestride Reviews – A Reviewer’s Personal Review on This Waterproof Shoe

June 12, 2021

Lifestride Reviews – A Reviewer’s Personal Review on This Waterproof Shoe

Lifestride has emerged as a leading under-the-sink vehicle removal and refilling system. At the outset, there were two basic types of lifestride products – lifeline extension. The former was a small plastic tube containing a lifeline which attached to an empty outside tube. The lifeline had the ability to extend itself while the extension had nozzles that could be used to push the lifeline back into the car. Once the lifeline was permanently affixed, the extension mechanism worked by itself and did not require manual action from the driver.


In July of 2021, Lifestride unveiled its new technology known as the Lifeline Recharge System. This new technology was designed to provide drivers with a continuous charge of lifeline until the vehicle reached its destination. The new system provided continuous service throughout a driver’s drive. The reviewers were impressed with the ease of use, reliability and durability of this new equipment. With such a wide range of choices now available, locating the right pair can be challenging, but this article outlines the top 10 best models available currently for sale.

One of the first models, the Lifestride review recognized was the Lifeline Flex. The reviewer was impressed by both its design and ease of use. “The front part opens with a Velcro strap, similar to a pair of skis,” the reviewer noted. “I also really like the way it folds down.” “I can easily store these in my trunk or inside my SUV drawer,” the reviewer continued. While the June 05 reviewed model is intended for light trucks and SUVs, other models are suitable for heavier vehicles such as sedans and full-size cars.

Another great model is the Lifestride Extend. Like the Flex, the Lifestride Extend is easy to use thanks to the Velcro strap but the Reviewer says that this model is even easier than the original. “I love how easily the extend goes on and off. No more adjusting straps or trying to find a good place to pull the shoe straps apart!”

For those who are looking for a comfortable fit and good value in a shoe, the Lifestride Boost is an excellent choice. “I’ve tried on many shoes and I always feel comfortable in them,” the review notes. “I also like the way the Boost works with my Jean leggings.” Another advantage to the Boost model is that it does not dig into the skin.

For those looking for a waterproof, breathable, anti-skid, comfortable, low profile shoe, the Lifestride Rainwear is an excellent option. “I can wear these all day long and they are very comfortable,” the reviewer notes. “I can also run in them with minimal water resistance, so I don’t have to worry about being cold when I get out of the pool.” The best thing about the Rainwear is that it is fully seam free, which allows your feet to breathe. “Waterproof to a tee,” the reviewer says. “Great all-around value, especially considering the price.”

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