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Is the Antenna For Mobile Phones Good?

May 6, 2021


Mobile Phone Antenna

In this review, I will discuss some of the things that you should keep in mind before purchasing a Mobile Phone Antenna. First, you should make sure that your Antenna is the correct one for the kind of Mobile Phone that you have. If you are using an older version of a Mobile Phone, you may have to use a different type of Antenna than that of the latest models of Mobile Phones. The review below explains all these facts and I invite you to read it.

First, in ordinary calling mode, the highest electromagnetic radiation is emitted when the phone is being charged and when it has just 1% battery life left. Unlike in Call mode, there exists no statistically significant difference in the power emitted in Talking mode and in Call mode when the battery is low. It is only in fully charged state that the power emitted is much higher than normal. It is because when the battery is fully charged, it is said to be ‘power hungry’ which means that it needs to get more power to perform properly.

Second, I will tell you about the Antenna’s sensitivity. In an ideal world, it should receive electromagnetic radiation from the mobile phone without any loss. However, since the world we live in is filled with various sources of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), our Antenna cannot completely absorb them. To illustrate this, the antenna that is placed near the Airport receives more EMR than a similar Antenna situated at a shopping mall. This is because in the case of an EMR-laden airport, more people walking or going through the mall will result in more Electromagnetic radiation being absorbed by the Antenna.

I will now tell you about a test that I performed recently for the readers. I purposely made this test as difficult as possible for the person conducting the test. For this test, I wanted to find out if my Antenna can absorb enough EMR to make the phone function properly. To do this, I attached the mobile phone to my office chair and turned it on. After a few minutes of talking on the phone, I performed my standard test and recorded the results.

The results were disappointing for the Antenna. It showed that it could barely absorb the EMR that was emitted by the mobile phone. It failed to capture even a single percent of the EMR that was emitted by the mobile phone and to top it off, it gave out weak signals during test period.

The conclusion is that the Antenna is not capable of absorbing power from the mobile phone. If you are using the Antenna, you might want to consider getting a better Antenna that is capable of doing so. There are also devices that can increase the amount of power the phone can absorb such as antennas with directional output or a directional coupler. To increase your chances of success in using the Antenna, you should know how to properly install it.

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