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Interior Design Ideas From the Home of Melanie Turner

June 14, 2021

Interior Design Ideas From the Home of Melanie Turner

In “Irene: Interiors”, the first book by award-winning interior designer Melanie Turner, the stylishly curvy creator of modern design is at it again, this time with a charming and contemporary take on the classic cottage decor. Inspired by nature and taking an artistic palette from the city, Melanie Turner’s interiors have a vintage feel that celebrates classic style mixed with architectural details. Cottage-inspired interiors are bright and airy, with a casual yet stylish energy that gives them real street appeal. The result? A home that puts a welcome light in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and more.

inviting interiors melanie turner

Cottage-style interior design is all about mixing classic colors with new and unique ones to give off a look that’s both fresh and relaxed. That’s what’s happening in this lovely book, which comes with over 40 pages of color photos and detailed color schematics. Each page has a clear color photo, and you can click on each one to see a close up detail. Melanie’s color scheme is a light but engaging blend of pale mauve, forest green, and soft earthy tones, with touches of sea greens, ivory, and ivory bluish-lavender. It’s an inviting design that evokes thoughts of sunflowers and wisteria, as well as the romance of cottage life.

Walls in the living room and dining room have a soft floral color palette, with the use of textured paint and the occasional use of white paint. Accent colors include soft pink (for the foyer and bed linens), soft orange, and chocolate browns for the walls. Accents like pea green, white, and black in the wallpaper are used sparingly, while colors like lime green, taupe, and chocolate brown dominate the rooms. Furniture is mostly white, with accents of woven natural fabrics, soft rugs, and furniture with a distressed look. The use of silverware and plates reflects the European aesthetic of simple elegance and minimalism.

Dining rooms have a different color palette, with the use of muted pastels, hunter green, and softer pastels in varying shades. Beaded pillows and throws add to the soft effect, while coordinating slipcovers and cushions on chairs, coffee tables, and even the tablecloths make each space feel cosy and inviting. Accents like metallic blue, turquoise, and cobalt purple in the window treatments also help to build the look.

For storage, the designer uses large storage boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes, which can be displayed on end throughout the room. Rustic woven baskets with glass tops are ideal for putting seasonal items like flowers indoors, and the design of the boxes themselves allows for different methods of display. Mirrors are usually larger than normal to allow for easy viewing, and they can be used in combination with baskets and other products to maximize the space that is used. Mirrors, as you may have guessed, are useful for reflecting light, and the placement of mirrors can be used to create interesting variations in the style of the room. You will also find cutlery made from copper, which is a relatively expensive metal but one that exudes sophistication and class.

All in all, these interiors are not overly loud, vibrant, or loud. Instead, they are simple, elegant, and appropriate for most homes. This design style is perfect for those who are looking for a stylish but comfortable addition to their home, and it also creates an atmosphere that is inviting and relaxing. When you are considering interior design ideas for your home, you should definitely keep these suggestions in mind. If you need help designing your home interiors, Melanne Turner is a designer that you definitely want to work with.

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