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How To Select The Best Paint Filter Bag

June 12, 2021

How To Select The Best Paint Filter Bag

paint filter bag

A paint filter bag is a great way to protect your investment in paint as well as extend the life of your paint protection system. It’s an extremely cost effective method of protecting paint from damage caused by air, water and heat. Paint filters are available in a range of different designs to suit your needs. They come in a wide array of styles, sizes and materials, which means you will be able to find a solution for your painting requirements. Here we take a look at some of the more common uses for the paint filter bag, how it can benefit you, as well as the various options that are available to buy from.

Off-road use: due to the harsh nature of the road conditions auto industry professionals often require auto industry approved paint filter bags to protect their investment as well as provide an efficient means of transporting their liquid protectors. The micron filter bags offer an extremely high degree of efficiency and because of the material they are made from can offer extremely good protection. This protective system can also be highly effective at reducing odour and toxic emissions from the liquid that causes damage. This provides a valuable service to the auto industry by helping to reduce the negative environmental impacts caused by vehicles. Paint protects is a fluid that is very thick and is usually in liquid form. An excellent alternative to the paint filter bag would be to buy a quality roll-on or cotton liner which is very similar in performance but still manages to prevent paint damage.

Automotive fluid: there are a wide range of different fluids that can be pumped into an auto industry pump system, including motor oil and transmission fluid. In order to protect the fluids the pump must be sealed against the flowing liquid, however keeping the pump clean requires a large amount of time and effort. The option to use a paint filter bag is one that offers a solution to both these problems; the flexible vinyl mesh and the 316 mesh nylon mesh fabric are extremely tough and durable and can provide an almost blanket protection around the motor and pipes.

Nylon Material: whilst the paint filter bag is made from a nylon material, it is important to keep in mind that there is a significant variation between various brands and manufacturers. The more high quality nylon material used, the more protection and durability will be provided. To ensure the best protection for your vehicle and equipment the size of the drum or bag should be carefully considered before making your purchase. There is also an option to buy extra filters to be able to add additional layers of protection. A one gallon drum will be quite sufficient for many applications, but having the additional space to transport liquids and to store extra filters will give you greater peace of mind and greater protection for your investment.

Filter Bag Construction: whilst the paint filter bag is constructed from a durable nylon material, this should not be the only consideration when making your purchase. In order to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of your purchase, it is important to look at the construction of the bag. Strainer bags are made of a soft vinyl material that work well to protect against spillages and the development of stains. Depending on your application requirements, extra strainer pockets may be added to the bag or you may consider using two separate bags with separate opening for each. It is common practice to use elastic grommets on the top or side of the bag to allow for easy access when necessary, and these elastic grommets should be made of high quality elastic material. In general the strainer bag should be made of a light weight material so as to prevent strain when using the device.

Selection Of Style And Material: the style and design of your paint strainer bags can make a huge difference to the performance and efficiency of the device. Whilst most producers tend to offer standard sizes and shapes, you may want to consider a few additional options to suit your requirements. An ideal choice would be to look at an aesthetic that combines with the mesh, such as a printed pattern or decorative embroidery.

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