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How To Make Matchbook Emery Boards

June 12, 2021

How To Make Matchbook Emery Boards

matchbook emery boards

If you are tired of the same old matchbook, then it is time to buy a new one. You can choose from a wide range of materials and styles. There are many models including the classic square matchbook. This type of board is usually made of plastic or vinyl. However, these days, people are choosing wooden matchbooks. These stylish boards are just perfect for feet or fingertips.

Pamper your toes while you travel using matchbook Emery boards that easily fit into your purse or bag. Each board has an adjustable emery foam surface. Matchbook is already packaged in a soft poly bag and measures about 5.1 inches by 5 inches. When you are ready to use the item, simply peel off the protective layer and place it on any smooth surface such as tiles. The foam will conform to your hand. When you need to write on it, you can take it out and write wherever you want.

Since matchbook is made of plastic, they are dishwasher safe. The protective pouch is made of fabric and you can wash it in warm water using a gentle cycle. It will remain bright and shiny. When you want to remove the protective covering, simply soak it in warm water and throw it away.

These boards are available in various colors. However, the traditional black is still the most popular. These boards may also come in different thicknesses. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and preference. The thickness is dependent on how often you will be using the item. Usually, thick boards last for longer periods of time.

As mentioned earlier, each board has its own specific uses. There are those designed for journaling, drawing, or painting. For your convenience, you can purchase one with a transparent window. This allows you to see what is inside the box during the crafting process. In addition, you can get a matchbook board without any window.

Matchbook boards may be purchased at local craft stores, toy stores, and through online stores. They are not expensive and are a lot of fun. They will help develop coordination, organization, and planning skills. If you have some free time, why not make a weekend project out of making them? You can either get the supplies together or find a tutorial on the internet.

You will need a few tools when you start. If you plan to make more than one board, you will need a craft board and a few different colored pencils. If you plan to make matching boards, you will need some contrasting pencils, scissors, glue, and paint. If you want a fun project, consider making the boards from fabric; then you just need some thread and buttons for attaching it all together. You can also purchase a whole set when you buy the matchbook board.

You will love how much fun this project is. Make sure you have some snacks and drinks nearby when you start. Get all your supplies together and let everyone have fun. It doesn’t matter if you make just one or hundred.

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