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Cook’s Crockpot Recipes With Water – sweese Butter Crock With Water

June 12, 2021

Cook’s Crockpot Recipes With Water – sweese Butter Crock With Water

sweese butter crock with water

My mother, my mom, my best friend, Mary (pronounced: MARY) loves to make and drink lots of coffee and tea with her friends. Last week one of them asked her if she would bring a little something from the kitchen to help her friend with her tea, coffee, and her new baked goods. Of course, she said yes, and what came out of the other end was a beautifully crafted sweese butter crock with a splash of hot water in the middle of a teapot full of tea. The look on Mary’s friend’s face when they took a seat and saw this marvel of art was priceless. She was speechless for a moment, then she laughed and said, “Oh, it is just the sweeter things in life.”

My mom is an avid tea, coffee, and baking fan. She had made plans to make some fresh muffins for breakfast and was debating whether or not to include a biscuit recipe or not. So, needless to say, she was thrilled when she received the lovely gift of a nice double layer muffin recipe in a tea ball along with some beautiful tea bags to use in the process. Needless to say, this was a well-received treat, and Mary was hooked!

Next, she got out the crock pot and found the right container to hold the water, and set to work. First, she placed the sugar and cream into the bottom of the double layer muffin, then added the whole milk and put in a splash of lemon juice and then cooked it all until the sugar has completely dissolved. Then, she dumped in the rest of the ingredients, except for the water, which she set aside to cool before serving. Then, it was time to serve.

Mary used the sweese first and then went on to the butters. To her surprise, the water was delicious, and the butters were not at all as rich as she had expected them to be. However, after adding more sugar, and even more lemon juice, she found that the water was even better than she remembered it to be. So now, instead of just serving plain water with the crockpot recipe, she was using it with each layer of the butter, which just made it all the more delicious!

As time went on, Mary continued to make improvements to this recipe and became a true master of it. She took the original recipe and improved it to include ingredients that were healthier and additive free. Today, you can find this same recipe and still receive the same great results. There have been other changes to the recipe, but they have been minor and only noticeable to the person making it.

The only other major change that Mary made to the recipe was to increase the water temperature to around 170 degrees. This brought us to the ultimate reality that crockpot recipes can be cooked in water temperatures up to one hundred and ten degrees, with no risk of burning or scorching the food. Since then, we have enjoyed cooking with this wonderful man and can not imagine cooking any other way. This is truly the best way to cook a good meal, and with small effort, you can create an amazing dish!

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