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Buying Replacement Parts and Accessories for Your Car

May 6, 2021


The truth about OEM and aftermarket replacement parts is quite shocking. It turns out that the OEM spare part may have been purchased from an authorized dealer (some will say an authorized dealer is the only authorized dealer, however, they are not part of the factory-remanufactured part distribution network) but that it is in fact a knockoff or a replica, which is sold for substantially less. The result is that thousands of dollars worth of motor vehicles are put at risk each year because of an OEM or factory-remanufactured part that was either not certified by the OEM or not purchased from an authorized dealer, but both sources were involved in the same crime.

Replacement Parts and Accessories

Why would anyone spend more on a genuine OEM or aftermarket accessory when they can get the same or better items at much lower prices by going to the direct source? That’s a fair question, especially when the savings could be allocated to other priorities such as fuel-saving, reducing wear and tear on the vehicle itself, saving on diagnostic costs, getting the vehicle fixed if it breaks down in the middle of a road trip, saving on the purchase of an automobile insurance policy and so on. There are many good reasons to replace OEM or aftermarket auto parts with those made by a reputable aftermarket automotive aftermarket supplier. In fact, this is very necessary if you are to get value for your money and be completely satisfied with your purchase. So before we move on, let’s review some facts about OEM and aftermarket automotive aftermarket replacement parts.

Most OEM replacement parts include a limited warranty, typically for thirty days. This is why you see so many genuine parts for cars being sold without a warranty. While OEM car accessories are warrantied for a short time period, an aftermarket accessory is warranted anywhere from one year to five years from the date of purchase. For this reason it is recommended that anyone looking for a genuine car accessory shop to visit an authorized dealer or official distributor of the vehicle brand they are interested in, to ensure that they are buying original accessories, and not reproduction or knock-offs.

While an OEM accessory can be covered by its own warranty for a specified period of time, this will usually be less than the actual replacement life of the accessory being purchased. An OEM spare tire may last up to twelve,000 miles before it must be replaced, while most aftermarket replacements are rated at five to seven thousand miles, depending on the exact part. However, this five to seven thousand mile figure is just the beginning of the warranty terms. An OEM tire may be covered for only five hundred thousand miles, whereas aftermarket replacement tires are usually covered for ten to fifteen hundred thousand miles depending on the specific part used. So while an OEM tire is great and should always be kept in pristine condition, aftermarket replacements may be worth considering only if you plan to drive more than five thousand miles in your new vehicle. Replacement spare tires are also a wise choice if you own an older model car since their lower price will more than makeup for any perceived difference in quality.

If you are not sure whether you need OEM or aftermarket accessories, ask a dealer or your manufacturer’s support staff. They should be able to give you an easy answer or point you in the direction of the right merchants. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, so weigh them carefully. If you are going to spend a good amount of money on aftermarket items, for instance, you should have the satisfaction of knowing that your vehicle will be protected under the manufacturer’s warranty and you will not have to pay for rental car expenses to get it back to your garage. However, an OEM replacement part or accessory is necessary for many instances, especially if your car was manufactured more than 15 years ago.

For many drivers, having OEM auto parts and accessories is not necessary. They have a backup source, in the form of aftermarket replacements, that can keep their cars running smoothly without having to worry about sacrificing the value of their cars. For drivers with older vehicles, shopping for OEM automotive aftermarket accessories can also be a smart way to make sure that their vehicle receives the best service and continues to look its best.

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